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5 months ago

#32 – Joanna Siewierska - UCD Student Union President

Joanna Siewierska - UCD Student Union President

This week we are joined by the president of UCD's Student Union, Joanna Siewierska. We talk about the recent 12% rent increase, the duties and day to day life as the president and also discuss the challenges faced by students on a daily basis.

Timestamps 0.35 - Background & Story 1.20 - Why did you study Law & Social Justice 8.20 - Emotional assignments 13.15 - Changes Ireland could made 22.48 - What would tell yourself if you had to do it again 28.40 - Favorite part about the jon 31.15 - Bringing a sense of community to UCD 38.45 - Advice to an incoming first year 42.00 - 12% Increase in Student Accomodation 47.15 - Student Levy & Budget 49.30 - Popular misconceptions 51.25 - Managing work/ life balance 56.30 - Closing remarks

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