Chasing Passion
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9 months ago

#18 – Jonathan McKnight - Project Management, Business Coaching and Leadership

This week's guest is Jonathan McKnight.Jonathan is currently working as a Project Management contractor along with being a business coach for major companies. He is passionate about Helping people, creating the right work environment and championing people. He has experience in numerous roles, including, running his own company , Team managers for Ulster Women's Rugby Team, along with being an Analyst, project manager and a scrum master.

Timestamps: 1.45 - Background & Story 6.00 - Turning point in career 19.20 - Being a good leader 28.50 - Important things to live by 37.05 - Finding your passion 55.30 - Books that have made a big influence 1.08.07 - Dealing with stress & overwhelm. 1.21.07 - Conclusion

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