Chasing Passion
Podcast Hosted By Dom
9 months ago

#17 – Keith Gore - Head of rewards, pensions & employee relations

In this episode we are joined by Keith Gore. Keith is the head of Reward, Pensions & employee relations within a major bank. Within the bank he is responsible for the Banks reward function, its 15 occupational group pension schemes and all employee relations with the unions. Keith has recieved a First Class Honours Masters in Investment Treasury & Banking from DCU. Keith also lectures in Corporate Finance for DCU’s MSc in Investment, Treasury and Banking.

Timestamps: 1.20 - Background & Story 8.25 - Lessons Bus Conducting 12.00 - Proudest achievements 13.30 - Dreams & Aspirations as a teenger 20.45 - Inspirations & Influences 24.20 - Day to Day life in work 41.20 - Bad Advice within the industry 1.01.0 - Lessons from Willie Walsh 1.09.30 - Final Thoughts & following your passion

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