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a year ago

#8 – Jack Spencer - Personal training, being happy and going for it

"Don't worry be happy, you can do it, you are good enough"

This week's Guest is Jack Spencer.

Jack is currently a full time personal trainer and a online coach within Wexford's leading personal training gym, 'Focus - Health & Fitness'.

You can find Jack Spencer on social media channels such as Instagram and YouTube where he regularly uploads content about his journey and process along with Health & Fitness tips. He has previously collaborated with the IFBB Pro, 2x Arnold Champion & Social Media sensation 'Blessing Awodibu' otherwise known as the 'boogieman' to produce a skit.

His passion really lies in helping people & watching them get better, which is one of the main reasons why he decided to get into Personal Training.

Some of the Questions I asked:

  • When did you decide to get into Fitness? (3:30)
  • What helped you develop confidence (4:45)
  • Importance of being supportive (8:00)
  • What motivates you? (11:00)
  • Failures & Lessons learned (13:00)
  • What does your day to day look like as a personal trainer? (22:30)
  • Advice to an aspiring Personal Trainer? (30:30)
  • Should you trust personal trainers? (37:00)
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (40:15)

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