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#52 – Devan Hughes - Turning Failure into Success, Future of Grocery Shopping and Key Business Skills

"It's a willingness to go after what you want regardless of any obstacle or preconception that you may have"

Devan Hughes is the founder & CEO of Buymie, an Irish based grocery delivery service that allows users to have their groceries delivered to their door in as little as one hour.

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TimeStamps: 3.27 | Introduction 7.30 | Employee vs Employer 12.45 | Getting experience to do something 17.16 | Importance of Sales & Finance 21.57 | Future of Buymie 27.05 | Typical day as a CEO 31.37 | Early day's of Buymie 34.45 | Become customer-obsessed 39.45 | Challenges of Entrepreneurship 44.05 | Memorable moments 46.12 | Future of online groceries 50.00 | Rapid Fire Questions

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