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3 months ago

#38 – Sky Cowans - Wellness, Health And Happiness

In this episode we are joined by Sky Cowans. She is an LA based video creator who became fascniated by Health ever since she was little. She began her career as a content creator in Buzfeed, then went onto work with a UK based biotechnology company fitnessgenes and has also worked with the YouTube star JoeyGraceffa

Her YouTube channel 'Sky Life' explores the world of health & wellness where she tries all sort's of experiments and trends such as Green Juice, Gut Health, Biohacking and even hiking mountains in a snowstorm with the iceman himself 'Wim Hof'.

On top of all that she is a broadcast journalism graduate and a certfified yoga instructor.

In this episode we talk about the documentary she produces with Yes Theory and Wim Hof, we talk about past life hypnosis, the various health trends out there and much more.

You can find Sky on:

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