Chasing Passion
Podcast Hosted By Dom
10 months ago

#15 – Leah Cheung - Powerlifting, Personal Training & Diabetes

This week's guest is Leah Cheung. She is a sponsored athelete for the clothing brand 'Face The Fear', Personal Trainer, Powerlifter and a general fitness enthusiast. On top of all this she also runs her own eye last business. Leah was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 11 years of age. Although she has to manage her condition on a daily basis, she did not let it stop her from pursuing her goals & aspirations in the sport of power-lifting.

You can find leah on Instagram @leahkcheung.

Timestamps: Background & Story (1:50) Competing in power lifting (7:30) What made you get into fitness (9:00) Eye Lash extension business (12:30) Taking the leap to launch a business(14:30) Face the fear (17:30) Advice to an aspiring personal trainer (21:00) Day to Day (24:15) YouTube (28:30) Proudest Achievement (35:00) Habit's (47:45) Final Thoughts (50:45)

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