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a year ago

#2 – Brendan O'Dowd - Advice to a college student, Emotional Intelligence and the importance of being positive.

In this episode Brendan Discussed the importance of self awareness, what defines a good manager and how to succeed when you begin a job.

"If your not falling down, you're not trying" - Brendan O'Dowd

Brendan O'Dowd has been leading teams primarily in data for decades. He has spent the majority of his career in the US and only recently moved to Ireland where he now leads a young and innovative team.

In this episode some of the things we discuss are:

  • Brendan's Story.
  • Leading teams in the US vs Ireland.
  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence, Self Awareness, Soft Skills & Positivity.
  • Process to make difficult decisions.
  • How to succeed in your first 90 days, within a new role.
  • Why 'How you get your work done' is more important than 'What you get done'
  • Skills that are vital to leadership.

Books / Tools mentioned:

7 Habits of Highly effective People.

Strength Finder.

First 90 Days.

16 Personalities.

DISC Assessment.

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