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8 months ago

#22 – Gary McGowan - How to optimize your health and fitness

how to optimize your health and fitness

This week I am delighted to bring on one of Ireland's most knowledgeable and passionate personal trainers Gary McGowan. Having finished his studies in Physiotherapy he decided to pursue Medicine in UCC. Gary is the co-owner of Triage Method where they provide science based training and nutrition coaching services to its client's.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Gary's definition of optimal health.
  • Maximizing efficiency in the gym.
  • Habits and routines

Timestamps 1.31 | Gary's background & story 3.00 | Decision process to study Medicine 5.30 | What did you aspire to be when you were younger? 7.30 | Early influences 9.30 | 2ez Mindset 13.30 | Triage Method 16.05 | Gary's Advice to aspiring personal trainers 20.00 | Approach to optimizing you health 32.15 | How much protein do you need? 36.55 | Advice to someone who want's to get stronger and build muscle 41.00 | Programming your own exercise program 46.45 | Advice that is often misleading within the fitness industry 49.10 | Definition of Optimal health 52.40 | Trusting advice from online sources 1.04.17 | Being grateful 1.07.40 | Final Remarks

You can find out more about Gary and Triage method on Follow Gary on Instagram @skinnygaz.

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