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a year ago

#7 – David Owens - Life as a Street Musician

David Owens - Life as a Street Musician

This week's guest is a professional street musician, David Owens. David has been a street musician for over 6 years now. He previously worked as an Engineer but decided that his true passion is music & performing. He solely makes his living from busking, selling his music, and from playing at corporate events.

David is currently working on his first commercial EP release which will be released shortly. You can find David Owens on Spotify & Instagram.

Some of the questions asked:

  • What do you currently do? (1:00)

  • What made you make the transition from engineering to becoming a street musician? (1:40)

  • Goals for the future? (5:30)

  • How often do you busk (8:00)

  • Most amazing moment experienced while performing? (10:00)

  • Can you improve your singing voice? (11:45)

  • Do you have a singing teacher (13:00)

  • What motivates you (15:00)

  • Who influenced your life musically ?(17:00)

  • What helps you get into your flow state? (19:00)

  • Did you ever want to give up? (26:45)

  • Day to day life (36:00)

  • Who would you like to have dinner with? (43:00)

  • What helps you to be happy? (46:15)

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